Discover the latest sensation from KoreaDiscover the latest sensation from Korea

We bring a new twist to premium Tteokbok. As a pioneer,
we're making waves in Korea, the home of Tteokbokki and claiming the spotlight as the industry's top brand

    Young Dabang's famous 40cm rice cakeYoung Dabang's famous 40cm rice cake

    We offer a unique twist (or length) on the traditional short rice cake in Tteokbokki. Our 40cm rice cakes allow customers to customize their preference for Tteokbokki. We leave it to you to find how to enjoy our dishes!

    A chewier, slightly thicker rice cake, with customizability! Be a part of the viral sensation as videos of our long rice cakes take over social media platforms.

    Experience Korean Nostalgia like never beforeExperience Korean Nostalgia like never before

    Come visit and be whisked away to the Korean 80s!
    Our retro aesthetic is our signature feature, an effort to leave a lasting impression on our cherished customers, new and returning alike.

    The name "Dabang" pays homage to the popular Korean coffee shops of the 80s, a community center for neighborhoods of the time. We want to foster that same energy with our theme that extends to the storefront, where the retro
    font and design reflects our vision of nostalgia; uniquely, Young Dabang.

    Neon signs, retro posters, witty catch phrases galore! If you know, you know!
    Take a look for yourself and indulge yourself in our vision for an era forgotten and deeply missed!